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I'm looking for

Berlin, Brandenburg, Pomeranian
and West Prussian Ancestors

and their descendants all over the world


My father's maternal and paternal ancestors both descend from several villages of Koschneiderei area (Kreis Konitz and Kreis Tuchel) and its surroundings in West Prussia in the region Pomeralia.

Therefore, I'm looking for Abram, Brodoel, Brügmann, Fentsch, Giersch, Halweg, Korth, Koz, Karnowski, Kuchenbecker, Latzke, Martig, Moldenhauer, Musolf, Musolph, Pagel, Podgorski, Redman, Remus, Rhode, Risop, Schwemin, Schweminski, Semrau, Stolpmann, Stoltmann, Theil, Thiel, Wilczÿnsky and Wiese ancestors from Koschneiderei area and their descendants.

As far as I know, some of them emigrated to Kansas, USA during the 19th century and some to Mexico.

On the maternal side I'm looking for descendants of

    Franz Wilhelm Thiede (* 28.11.1872 Czaycze/Wirsitz/Bromberg, Reported as missing
                                                                                                                                       22 June 1915 )
    oo Alwine Berta Steinborn (* 7 Mai 1864 Schlanow/Friedeberg, † 13 Sept. 1939 Berlin)

and any information about their ancestors.

I'm also looking for ancestors and siblings of

Albert & Wilhelmine Haase

Albert Haase and Wilhelmine Hehmke

Albert Haase (* 06.10.1851 Stettin, † ca. 1914) oo Wilhelmine Hehmke (*14.04.1850 Bredow/Stettin,
ca. 1934 Berlin)

Some of their descendants emigrated to Canada and Switzerland others remained in Berlin.

- Any information about my ancestors and their descendants all over the world appreciated.

Please feel free contact me: felis.wiese [at] gmail.com

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